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My Story

Metalworking is in my blood.

My grandfather, my father, my uncles…all trade metal workers. It came as a complete surprise to me after an elective metal casting class in college, that I too was destined to be a metal worker.

My path to designing and creating jewelry wasn't direct. After graduation, I took a few detours along the way, but an email on a whim led to an assistantship with a wonderfully talented jeweler, mentor (and now dear friend), opened my eyes to the possibilities of the art of jewelry making. Thanks to her encouragement and the support of family and friends, I’ve been learning, creating and developing my style ever since.

My Work

I find inspiration in my surroundings, everyday objects, structures, industry, fashion and family. Fabrication is my creative method of choice. All of my pieces are composed from manipulating and combining the basic elements of sheet metal, wire and tubing in sterling silver, copper and brass. Each piece is handcrafted personally for my customers in my Santa Cruz studio.